Live In Harmony And Prosperity

Qi is an ancient Chinese word for life force and energy in our body. It is pronounced “chee”. When our Qi is in balance, we are relaxed and at our best. Qi Image Spa is the expression of this ancient idea – it is appointed according to ancient Chinese Feng Shui principle for healing and relaxation (Feng Shui is the study of living in harmony and prosperity).

Qi Image Spa offers spa facials, massage, waxing, body contouring, advanced aesthetic procedures such as laser facial to reduce brown spots, brightening face, wrinkle and stretch mark reduction, permanent hair removal, etc. As a premier spa located in Georgetown, the culture and shopping district for the Greater Washington, DC area, Qi Image Spa follows the philosophy that feeling good from within and being proud of your appearance requires a multi-faceted approach. The solutions offered to clients take that into consideration. We can recommend a cross section of treatments that will offer the most benefit throughout the course of therapy. Qi Image Spa’s international staff works hard to assist our guests to be healthy, happy and successful in life.


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