Seven Reasons for You to Get Professional Facials

Seven Reasons for You to Get Professional Facials

Skin Analysis by a Trained Professional Esthetician

Most people do not know much their skin types and do home care incorrectly. An esthetician is trained in skin analysis and providing the correct information to you.

Professional Extraction when Needed

Acne and breakouts can spread and lead to scarring caused by picking. An esthetician can perform this task when needed in the least invasive, though effective and sanitizing manner. The skin is prepped then the esthetician performs extraction safely, with great result.

Deep Cleansing of the Skin by a Professional

Cleansing the skin of impurities can allow your skin to breath better, maintain a healthy balance and enhance immunity. It will be easier for your skin to absorb products for nourishment, protection and exfoliation.

Deeper Penetration of Products Through the Benefits of Facial Massage and Technology

Professional facial massage techniques warm the skin, thus opening the pores to allow deeper penetration of nutrients and moisture to the deeper layers of the skin and get rid of  toxins produced during normal metabolism. It brings a healthy glow to the skin that only a professional facial massage can produce. At Qi Image Spa, the estheticians also use a number of devices to help deliver products to deeper layers of skin.

Professional Recommendation

Skin care professionals are trained to recommend appropriate professional services and the correct home care program to improve your skin.

Professional Products

The professional treatment level products used by your skin care professional produce enhanced results in your treatment. Also, the professional level home care product recommended by your skin care specialist will maintain and improve the condition of your skin between services.

You will be educated on the benefits of each treatment, on the benefits of home care products and on how to use them correctly for achieving your skin care goals.

Pampering by the Professional

Estheticians can de-stress even the most tense person, leaving him or her relaxed and rejuvenated after the treatment. An added and highly recommended bonus to the facial treatment!

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