You should be prepared to provide the medical history and the health allergies, information about the treatments you have undergone among others. The massage therapist may also undertake some tests and assessments to understand your condition and health history. You should be honest about the allergies you might have and also be oriented about the use of oils and potions
This depends on your comfort level. Most women undress completely while some may leave the underwear on. You should be comfortable and know what makes you happy. While undressing may help you get a better massage, it’s your wish ultimately.
Yes. And it is required by DC Law. We use the sheets most time.
You should be very comfortable and adjust your position according to what your therapist says. Eventually, it’s about getting a great massage done. You don’t have to do anything. Just relax and stay calm.
A full body massage lasts for 60-90 minutes. If you are opting for a partial massage, you should stay focused for a half hour at least. Many times the sessions may go on for 60-90 minutes if you like to extend it too.
Most massages are soothing and help ease tension. If the depth of strokes are nice and fine, the masseur too professionally qualified, you will have a great experience. Massages will induce comfort and warmth. They will energize you too.
You should get a massage at least every month. If you have none at all, you should start now. The benefits are amazing and for everyone to see.
This is a fallacy that men offer deeper massages. It makes great sense to take a massage form someone who is qualified more than anything else. It all depends on style, training, conditions and temperament of the masseur not gender to say the least.
Talking can be a great way to unload, but it definitely makes sense to stay focused and derive the pleasure of a massage quietly. Talking may distract you and the therapist. You may also not feel the need to talk at all! Thanks to the comforting strokes
Not at all, you can let the therapist to adjust the music. Music in the background should help ease the environment and bring about a state of relaxation. It should not trouble or irritate you!
You feel remarkably relaxed. The feelings are unmatched and you feel unburdened. You will also feel that some of your aches and pains are reduced. A certain freshness is felt afterwards.
It is hard to say. It depends and varies from person to person. Once a week is preferred for most people or when the need arise.
If you are suffering from a fever, contractible disease, skin disease or even a bone dislocation. Cuts and bruises, skin issues also may prevent you from getting a massage.
Many men prefer to not get a massage because of this. An educated therapist will tell you that massages are not meant to be sexual. They even understand the situation well. If the therapist feels the session has gone sexual, he or she may go on to massage areas that will not cause arousal.
The frequency of a facial especially for the face depends on your skin quality, age and the type of facial you are going for. It makes sense to refer to your skincare specialist to know your specific skin care plan.
What kind of a facial you need is dependent on what your skin tone, texture and age is. You can also understand your needs and refer to an esthetician.
Yes, facials are great for the skin. And they do protect you from the Sun. These facials have to be administered by a thorough professional who knows your skin needs. There are two kinds of damaging sun rays. The UVA often will age the skin, in fact the other rays, called the UVB often burns the skin. You should use a sunscreen that will help you protect your skin and prevent the formation of blemishes, darkness, pigmentation and wrinkles.
Do not go for a facial with any home remedies already done at home, at least a week before the facial. You can also come in with make-up and not take too many precautions as such. Men should shave the night before coming in. Shaving right before the facial is administered may be harmful and cause irritation.
You need to come in twenty minutes for first facial before your given time. You have to be ready with the medical history and the necessary questions that may be asked during the interview with the beautician. He or she may ask you valid questions on allergies, skin type, food intake, general health history among other things. Before a facial is done, the esthetician understands you and your needs, tells you about the kind of facial he or she does to you.
There are certain massages that enable the pores to look smaller and also help in reducing the problems of open pores and blackheads.
Yes. There are delicate and specially made creams for the eye area. There are gels and other creams too that may be used for the under eye area. Consult your dermatologist and the esthetician.
You can consult your therapist and beautician for these needs. You may need a treatment or a series of treatment.
There are a host of products that are available in the market. It’s safe to ask your esthetician about the finer things.
It’s safe to ask your esthetician about the finer things. There are many anti-wrinkle creams and potions when regularly used will deliver results quickly.
Yes, you need to wear sunscreen during the day time even if you are in office and indoors. In winters too, you need a good sun protection cream that will help you tide over the bad effects of Sun’s rays.
Yes, consult our estheticians when you come over. You can also visit the dermatologist if you can.
Oily skin can break into pimples and acne. It makes sense to use a moisturizer that is not greasy and oily. It should hydrate without having to make the skin feel sticky. Skin needs both oil and water. When they are in balance and harmony, your skin is healthy.
At night, the skin sleeps after a hard day’s work. You should be able to apply a cream that rejuvenates and works to rebuild cell damage. Night creams have added ingredients that also work on wrinkles and pigmentation. Day creams may just protect you from the Sun and hydrate the skin.
You should opt for a light anti-wrinkle cream. The best possible answer to this question lies with a dermatologist and a seasoned esthetician. Qi Spa has two products for this.
You should come in for a session at a beauty clinic to have an answer to that question.
Yes there are several products but you need to be very careful about using them. It is best to seek professional help.
You can go for Brightening peel facials. You need to first list your requirements and also about the problems you are facing with an esthetician.
Yes. There are anti-breakout products. You need to come in for a session for any advice and queries, product related information.
This needs a professional call after careful analysis of the skin type you have.
You can do it online 24/7 and get an appointment anytime from anywhere. You can also drop in at our premises and book an appointment. You have to reschedule or cancel an appointment at least a day before the date.
You should come in at least 20 minutes prior to the appointment.
This is mandatory for you to supply all relevant information about your health and skin. This is crucial for the therapist to understand what is best suited for you and whether you can at all come in for a spa massage. Some people also have cream and potion allergies, you should come clean on these.
You should maintain silence when the spa massage is delivered. You also have to be punctual. If you are late, you will be serviced for a shorter time and that will rob you of the precious minutes of this treatment while you are obligated to pay full amount for the massage scheduled. On time and maintaining the best behavior is always required from a client.
You need to come in at your comfortable best. Wearing loose fitted clothes is always suitable.
You need to be comfortable with whatever suits you best. Most therapists are professionally qualified to maintain the levels of modesty while doing massages. You should disrobe completely as that ensure a fabulous treatment. You can even leave the underwear on if you please.
You can pay over the counter with cash, visa, Master card, Discovery card.
Tipping is usually preferred. You will also earn a great deal of appreciation if you recommend your therapist another massage customer or give a review of your experience.
The spa is open 10am to 8pm every day.
Guests should arrive at least 20 minutes before the treatment.
You can book online or even call us at 202-333-6344.
You have to cancel with at least 24 hour notice. If you cancel the appointment an hour before the treatment, you will be charged 100 per cent of the service scheduled on the same day. Qi Spa will give you one time opportunity to schedule to another day (not on Saturday which we are most busy) with full credit.
Yes. We will guide you with the treatments you can go through. All of this depends on your needs.
There are many kinds of treatments offered. You should check our website for more. We can also customize a treatment based on your condition.
Not really. But the skin type and health conditions along with the needs for your skin will determine the number of treatments you want to undergo. Also, too much spa massage in a day is not good for you.
Only after the doctor cleared you, we will conduct a spa massage.
He or she should wear loose fitting clothes during facials. For massages, you are nude while underneath of a sheet. The massage therapist will only uncover the part of your body when they are working on that part.
Body hair can be an embarrassment and a special consideration for hygiene.
The entire body can be waxed. Excluding the head and the eyebrows, you can simply remove all the body hair.
Waxing can hurt a bit but expert hands know how to remove hair in simple and easy, fluent strokes.
The hair grows back but not necessarily in thicker growth. It usually grows back finer.
You should not come in if you have skin infections, open wounds, allergies, diabetes, just had an acid peel or microdermabrasion, using Retin A, Renova, or Accutane, just had tan, allergic to latex or vinyl. Someone has been taken hypertension medication for long time should not get wax also.
Waxing may result in rashes and irritation on the skin. It makes sense to apply a soothing gel or even a sponge with cold water and ice over the waxed area when you get home. It is very important to keep the area clean.
Depends on the professional who is waxing your hair. Sometimes, it takes a short time and careful strokes enable the hair to be removed well and fast.
A standard bikini wax may not remove the hair from the pubic area. The panty line is waxed in a standard bikini wax. If you go for a Brazilian bikini wax, the entire pubic area and the groin, is waxed, including the panty line and more.
Check our website for more or even call us anytime.
This kind of a body wrap will lead you to lose an inch or more in size. This also helps cellulite treatment and detoxification of the skin and body.
Such a body wrap will tighten your skin, detoxifies your body and helps contour the shapes of the body. This kind of a wrap will tone and cleanse, nourish and smoothen the cellulite.
The infra-red heat and rays helps break down the cellulite and thus help in weight loss. Such a treatment will be more beneficial for those who have a balanced exercise and diet regimen,
The infra-red rays break down the fats that are soluble and thus helps pull out the toxins from the pores giving a look that is wonderful. Weight loss is also seen and most people lose about a pound of weight.
Body wrapping can get a little messy. However, the professionals are used to do a good clean up job.
Yes. In certain ways your body loses fat and water together. Drink lots of water to replenish your body.
This can last for a long time but you have to be particular about your diet and food.
It does not actually involve exercise during the treatment but it makes sense to keep a strict regimen in place.
Most clients lose a lot of inches. More on later sessions.
A full slimming body wrap will last about an hour.
If you wear a disposable bikini provided by Spa, you can actually see the best results while the materials are applied.
You can go for a slimming wrap at least 3 to 5 times a week, continuing the process will help you achieve better results, along with diet and exercise in your daily life.
It takes about 3 to 4 days for the skin to completely recover from the tissue reduction. You should avoid fats, caffeine and sugar. Carbonated and sugary drinks should be avoided as well. Since the pores of the skin remain open, you need to apply an Aloe Vera lotion when taking a bath. These will rejuvenate the pores and tighten them. Always go for a lukewarm shower after the slimming wrap is over.