Top 8 Delightful Benefits of Massage Therapy

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Here are some basic benefits, Qi Image Spa promises to deliver with every Massage Therapy you receive at Georgetown DC. And we assure you, once experienced in the first session, the amazing benefits  will let you to think about the next time.

1. Healthy skin

A refreshing massage will give you a pimple free skin. The massage increase the circulations of blood and lymph to flash out the toxins. The essential oils in the massage oil supply the nourishment to give you a smooth and shiny skin. It purges away the impurities from your body and works against the itchy dryness. It is also helpful in maintaining skin’s elasticity and firmness. It nourishes and moisturizes your skin, prevents wrinkles, pigmentation and age spots. A healthy skin keeps you happy and leaves a beautiful smile on your face.

2. Relief stiffness of neck and shoulders

The neck and shoulder strain is a constant bother.  An effective massage therapy loses your tired muscles. It stretches your muscles and gives them relief from the burden.

3. Better Sleep

A good sleep is a must for a healthy body. Sleep provides relaxation to the mind and body. A massage helps lower the blood pressure and heart rate and supports the immune system.

4. Reduce stretch marks

The lypo massage helps you to get rid of the uncanny stretch marks. The massage therapy reduces those stretches with special cream and gives you a healthier looking smooth skin.

5. Protect and improve eyesight

Massaging around your head, neck and eyes helps you to improve eyesight and relief the headache by improving the blood supply to the head . This gives you a relief from the eye strain. We often complain of having eye strain and that effects our eyesight as well so in that time a good head massage takes away all your complains.

6. Enhance flexibility

The gentle pressure and stretching on the body increase the range of motion and mobility. It improves muscle’s strength and flexibility and tone. A body with more flexibility can help to prevent sports injuries.

7. Relief body pain

If your whole body is aching with tension then a massage can help. A good massage relieves the pain and gives you a relaxed healthy body. At Qi Image Spa, we specialize in helping you relax with variety of massages.

8. Reduce constipation

Office workers sit all day without much physical movement. It is common with such lifestyle that people get constipation. Massage back and belly area can increase the movement of intestines to help with constipation.

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