Red Light Therapy

red light therapy

Rejuvenating Collagen Red Light Therapy
Natural , Non-invasive, UV-Free

Pure red light has therapeutic benefits

-Firms and tones skin to give a healthy look
-Repairs sun damaged skin
-Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
-Stimulates circulation and repairs the elastin fibers in skin
-Reduce scarring
-Evens out pigmentation
-Help smooth and reduce cellulite deposits
-Help remove bacteria that causes acne and age spots
-Best results are achieved over 4-6 week period of 3 sessions per week
(12-18 sessions)

At Qi Image Spa, we use red 650nm wavelength light to trigger collagen production, repair and heal damaged tissues, smooth out wrinkles, reduce rosacea, and minimize pores. We can do it as a standing alone treatment or an add-on to facial session or body contouring session.

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